[TWEEDLE-DEE] &[TWEELE-DUM]- my two pups

These stories are not sad like the last dog post I made about [BEAUTY], I promise. I just felt like if she got her own post then they should too. I love them both dearly.

[L] and I agreed after [BEAUTY] that Border Collie/Australian Shepherds were definitely “our kind” of dogs. They just fit us and our personalities and our lives so well. Smart, energetic, loyal, they were perfect. We also made an agreement that all of our dogs should be named after Disney characters… so while the redacted names aren’t their real names it felt only fitting that they be Disney names. Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Dumb may seem a little insensitve but they really fit the two dogs I have now soooo perfectly! I couldn’t resist.

[TWEEDLE-DEE] has a pretty normal dog life story. We had lost [BEAUTY], the house felt empty so we started talking about getting a new pup…. not to be disrespectful but [BABY] missed her and would open the door and look for her still. The house was just empty, we needed a little more movement and life in the house so we agreed to start looking for puppies.

Naturally, for me atleast, I found a puppy that day and it was settled. I told [L] as he was on his way to work for the night that I was going to go pick up this puppy. He was wishy-washy but I was determined so off I drove…. roughly 3-ish hours…. to go pick up [TWEEDLE-DEE]. He is a beautiful long hair Austrailian Shepherd mix with super expressive eyebrows. He’s just perfect and soft and fluffy. [BABY] held him part of the way home and I held him the rest. He slept in the crook of my arm as I was driving just like a real baby. We went by [L]’s work that night so he could meet the new pup and then took him home and everything was great.

[T-DEE] fit in perfectly, he was a super mellow herding dog compared to [BEAUTY] and and absolute snuggler. [BABY] loved him, I loved him, [L] loved him. We were all very happy together.

The only negitive thing that ever happened with [T-DEE] is that [L] always threatened to take him when we broke up. He wanted him and always said he was entitled to him since [BABY] was the reason he lost [BEAUTY]. (See that post to read about how the truth finally came out about that). I always disagreed that I had bought [T-DEE], I paid for everything for both [BEAUTY] and [T-Dee] and how dare he try to take a dog from a little boy! Nothing ever came of it [T-DEE] is my very much my dog and that was the end of it.

Then [L] moved a few states away, he wanted to take [T-DEE] the normal arguement insued I said no, so he left and didn’t have a dog. We discussed it many times when he was down there, his friends already had 3 dogs, it didn’t make sense for him to get another dog especially since the plan was always for him to move back after he got the help he needed and was safe to be around my son again. I didn’t like the idea of having 2 dogs, I was still in school etc. Naturally, he ignored me.

[L] picked up [TWEEDLE-DUM] on his way back to visit. He bought [T-DUM] the day he almost killed me, early that morning. We argued about it so much, I didn’t want another dog, why get a puppy when you’re traveling for a week. etc. He didn’t listen. He bought the dog anyways. I was angry that he wouldn’t listen to reason but I went out and bought all of the puppy essentials anyways knowing he wouldn’t have done it yet. Puppy food, chew toys, a harness, etc.

I didn’t know what [L] was doing before coming to my house that day, I learned this months later but being the inconsiderate ass that he is: [L] took the dog shooting with him that day before he came to my house. An 8 week old puppy, just taken from its mother, spent all day in a car, and then you go fire guns around the poor thing???? He finally showed up late, and where was the puppy?

I had gone out of my way to get everything for this pup, I was angry, but what else was I to do? HE LEFT IT WITH HIS FRIEND! I was livid. I had gotten everything this pup needed and was being as generous as possible about the situation and then he doesn’t even bring the puppy with him? Then to top it all off he tells me [T-DUM]’s name. It wasn’t a disney name. I know this sounds silly and tedious but we had agreed, it was a cute thing that was going to be one of “our things” that all of our dogs had disney names! It, in my mind, really just set up the fact that he wasn’t taking our relationship seriously anymore. I know I seem like I’m being dramatic, but it felt like a sign that he never planned on this dog being a part of “our” family because he didn’t fit what we had agreed on. He later defended it because Disney bought out Marvel, and it was a Marvel name but it still just didn’t feel right. [Beauty] and [T-DEE] had very classic old animated disney film names.

I didn’t actually meet [T-DUM] until months later. That night was the night [L] tried to kill me. I don’t remember what happened to the puppy stuff I purchased, I was so concussed and the time following that night is still so foggy I just don’t know.

A few months after my assault [L] came back to town. He had no where to live, nothing to do, no job. So I took [T-DUM] in. He moved in with a friend and couldn’t have him there, couldn’t afford his food, so [T-DUM] became my responsibility. [L] went back to jail a few months later. I called the poilce and asked what I should do since I have his dog, they advised me to “get rid of it”, I asked other people and the advise was always the same. “Technically he is your dog, you’ve cared for him with out any financial compensation, his owner is not capable of caring for him, he is abandoned so he is yours if you want him” but then they’d go on about how keeping him could be a risk because [L] might use him as an excues to come looking for him some day, it could put me in danger blah blah blah.

I listened and tried to re-home him once. I found a “sweet” lady who was willing to rescue him and foster him until I found out safe arrangements or she would be able to find a loving home for him if that’s what I decided. She had me sign over a release for him surrendering him to her “for legal reasons to protect us both” in case [L] ever came looking but assured me I could have him back whenever I found safe arrangement. He wasn’t neutered and I wasn’t sure if he had ever had any vet care at this point. Money wasn’t the problem with keeping [T-DUM] safety was so I paid for his neuter, his first vet visit, her gas to come get him, I sent him with a 50 lb bag of dog food, his favorite bones, his leash, treats, collar, favorite blanket. Everything I could. I loved this dog and only wanted the best for him.

A week and a half later I still couldn’t stop crying, I wanted him back and I contacted her. SHE REFUSED TO GIVE HIM BACK! She claimed she was afraid for his safety, and that he was doing “so well” whatever. So I lied, I’m not ashamed of it, I told her I was moving a state away and I would be taking him with me. I had paid for everything, I had the agreement that this was just a foster in our messages. She argued that I had signed a surrender. I was furious I had receipts for everything I had paid her, I had the messages, I told her I would see her in court if I did not get my dog back. That’s when the truth came out that she had already sent/sold(?) him to some couple in a neighboring town and that it would be difficult to get him back. I told her to figure it out. Finally she did and I went and picked him up a few days later, FROM A FILTHY TRAILER ON THE EDGE OF TOWN! They didn’t even have a fenced yard and were 100yds from the highway. I WAS LIVID. I went to pick him up, it had been a week and a half since I listened to the horrible adivse to get rid of him. When I got there the guy who had him, he seemed genuinely nice just maybe not equipt to care for a new dog, told me he had a sensitive stomach and was having a hard time adjusting to the new food….. I was confused what new food? He’s a medium size dog there is no way he should have gone through that much food already. I asked if they had the rest of his bones, treats, dog food. NOPE, nothing! This lady had taken the money for his vet visits, neuter, all of the dog supplies and dumped him!

[T-DUM] was sooo excited to see me. He jumped up and would not get down, not that I tried very hard, giving me all of the dog hugs he could. Had I not forced him to ride in the back seat with [BABY] I am sure he would have crashed the car with all the loves and kisses he was trying to give. He threw up all over [BABY] on the ride home which was a complete disaster but I was just sooooo happy to have him home safe where he belonged.

I have thought and debated about “outing” this rescue lady that I stupidly surrendered [T-DUM] too as a liar and a fraud…. I am afraid every time I see she has a new “rescue” on her facebook page. But, I have decided I also don’t want to have to deal with people knowing I ended up getting [T-DUM] back and it’s safer if everyone just pretend he went to a rescue so no one comes looking for him. He’s chipped and I have security cameras outside my house now. [L] is locked up, I don’t think [T-DUM], or any of us for that matter, are in any danger but it’s not worth the fight to take on a dog “rescue” with followers and supporters.

Back to [T-DUM] now, I love him. He’s 11 months old now but goodness he is still a wild little thing. [T-DEE] is such a mellow, sweet, snuggly dog and [T-DUM] is hell on wheels. They’re a little ying and yang duo but I can’t imagine life with out the both of them now. I can guarantee [L] is never getting him back, he is a part of my family and will be forever.

Anyways thats the much less sad story of my other two puppers, and our happy little life together. I can’t believe I ever tried to give [T-DUM] up, I was just so panicked and afraid of [L] I thought I was doing the right thing when I was in the middle of that fear and trauma brain after his arrest, but after picking him up I knew with out a doubt I had made the right decision. Life wouldn’t be nearly as complete with out the both of them together.

Thanks for reading!

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