103 Quotes- a “love” story

1.  “I don’t want anything serious right now, I’m just having fun”

2.  “I thought you said it was over with her, I thought you said she knew”

3.  “You need to choose I’m not going to do this”

4.  “I love you”

5.  “Why would you say that, if you truly don’t mean it, why did you say it to hurt me”

6.  “I’m sorry, I love you”

7.  “It’s my birthday, just fucking come home with me, I’ve been sitting here for hours”

8.  “Happy fucking birthday to me”

9.  “You were with her last night, of all nights?”

10. “Go fuck yourself”

11. “I love you”

12. “Why would you do that? I just don’t fucking get it”

13. “It’s midnight where are you, You said you’d be home 2 hours ago”

14. “What the fuck are you doing, I’m getting worried, please atleast reply!”

15. “I think you’re right; a little space would be good”

16. “You’re breaking up with me? In a text? From the bar? Fuck you”

17. “Yes I still love you”

18. “I’ll be there when I get there, I’m cooking baby breakfast It’ll be a while”

19. “What the fuck are you talking about?? You asked me to come get you an hour ago! At Least give me the dog”

20. “Call 911, Please! He broke my phone, he threw my keys. Please! I need help”

21. “No officer, I don’t need an ambulance, just please find him. I’m scared”

22. “I need a restraining order”

23. *[L] liked your picture*

24. “I love you too”

25. “What do you mean you don’t remember?”

26. “You bit my phone, you had glass and blood in your mouth. You choked me. I had a black eye. How could I make this shit up?”

27. “You need help. Counseling, AA, Sobriety, everything [L]. I can’t.”

28. “Yeah, I’ll pay your rent. Do you have food?”

29. “You said you were sick. I came to drop off food. You’re not home. I fucking give up”

30. “I know you’re stressed! I know it’s hard being apart! But that’s the problem you’re still drinking!”

31. “You’re moving? To colorado? In 3 days?”

32. “Don’t go! I don’t deserve this! I’ve done everything and you’re leaving….”

33. “You’re still logged into your email on my phone. You’ve been gone less than 24 hours and already downloaded tinder?”

34. “Don’t fucking lie to me. Someone just happened to hack your account with your likes and hobbies 24 hours after you move? And the email happened to be deleted instantly? Fuck you”

35. “I’ll come visit”

36. “What do you mean your roommates don’t want me there?”

37. “I’m driving in a blizzard and you’re ‘NOT SURE’ If I’m allowed there?!?”

38. “I promise to love you forever”

39. “Let’s get tattoos!”

40. “You said you were coming home with me”
41. “Bye”

42. “I can’t wait for you to visit!”

43. “Things aren’t working, let’s have fun this weekend and then decide what to do”

44. “What the FUCK? It’s a snapchat”

45. “No officer. I’m not hurt”

46. “The restraining order isn’t current. I dropped it”

47. “What about my stuff he has everything! My keys, my cards, my money….”

48. “Come with me, We have to go find [L]”

49. “Just calm down, I’ll be there in a second!!! Holy shit [L] Chilli”

50. “It’s okay love, I’m here. Just breathe. There you go”

51. “I love you too….. But, can I have my stuff, I need to go”

52. “I need my keys too”

53. “What the…..*Screams*”

54. “Just swallow the tooth you need to scream”


56. “Thank you…. thank you….. Thank you…. I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to ruin your night, thanks for coming to the hospital with me”

57. “Can I use your phone? I need to call my mom”

58. “I’m alright, Don’t freak out, I’m in the hospital…… [L]…..”

59. “Can you take a picture? I want to see how bad it is”

60. “Please don’t bail him out. Please please please, just look at me! look at what he did.. Please don’t bail him out.”

61. “My head hurts, my eyes hurt, the lights hurt, I’m dizzy, I can’t eat”

62. “I’m doing better, I’m healing. I’m fine. I’m strong. I ran for my life and I won, I already survived the worst part.”

63. “Who the fuck is calling me at 6am”

64. “I know it’s you, I taught you that trick. If you’re going to risk going back to jail might as well make it worth it”

65. “Of course it’s true, have you seen the pictures? What do you mean you don’t remember?”

66. “I love you too, but I just can’t do this. I can’t get you out of this one [L]. You would have killed me”

67. “Yeah, meet me, I’ll talk to you”

68. “You can’t kill yourself! I don’t care [L]! You’re not taking yourself out of this world just because you can’t handle the fucking consequences”

69. “Yes I still love you too. Stay alive”

70. “I love you but I just can’t”

71. “I love you, but it’s going to take time. I can’t trust you anymore”

72. “No, you’re not staying here, You have to go back home”

73. “Don’t you dare fucking threaten me. Not after what you’ve done”

74. “Please help me, I made a mistake. I messed up but please help me before he hurts me again”

75. “Do not contact me again. The restraining order is still in effect and I’ve talked to the authorities. If you contact me again we will enforce the restraining order. I’m done”

76. “What do you mean you can’t go pick him up? I’m looking at the warrant and it says ANY officer in the state”

77. “[L]’s back in jail”

78. “[L]’s sending me letters, look at this what do I do?”

79. “You idiot! Why would you call me? You know these calls are recorded!… Yes I love you too”

80. “I don’t know what to say. I can’t make that decision I’m too emotional, please just keep me safe”

81. “He made bail. He made bail. I need somewhere to stay. Can I please come over tonight. Please I can’t be alone!”

82. “Yeah, I’ve thought about changing my number, but they said it might be better not to, that way he can contact me and doesn’t just show up. I have a warning ya know?

83. *[L] Liked your picture*

84. “Merry Christmas eve to you too Love”

85. “I can’t keep doing this. You need to just go. I’m still supporting the plea deal but please just go.

86. “Just tell me where you’re at! You can’t kill yourself [L]! Just tell me where to go. How much have you drank tonight”

87. “Hi, my name is ____ whatever you do don’t say anything over the scanner he told me he’s listening”

88. “I need officers to meet me in the rent a center parking lot asap. I have a restraining order against my ex and he’s threatening to kill himself. I’m not safe.”

89. “No [L]! I’m not driving! I’m having a fucking anxiety attack, you’re scaring me!”

90. “No you don’t need to see my phone! You broke it last time! Tell me what you took!”

91. “I’m sorry. I love you. Don’t fight.

92. “He just threatened me. He keeps saying he’s going to kill himself and he just threatened me again!”

93. “Yes I’m okay to drive…. I just need a minute.

94. “You responded that night? I’m sorry I don’t remember much…. Thank you”

95. “[L]i’s back in Jail”

96. “I don’t want to make a statement.”

97. “I changed my mind”

98. “Please keep me safe, this man has hurt me before and continued to after that night, I don’t think he will change.”

99. “He pissed the Judge off, he got 48 months. None suspended.

100. “Yeah, I’m fine. I’m healing”

101. “What do you mean 4 years doesn’t fucking mean 4 years????”

102. “He’s a first time offender mom, there’s nothing I can do. They’re talking about a community placement in as little as 3 months”

103. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

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